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Game of Thrones Ranting 2

Mon Jul 27, 2015, 6:40 PM by Jetstreamx:iconjetstreamx:

Spoileriffic. Stay back. There is book talk in this too.

And swearing. I'm too tired to care. And this is Game of Thrones talk anyway. This show is only more unsuitable for children than Robocop.

Reminder: Robocop was so unkid friendly it was almost rated X. In the 80s.

So I've watched up to season 5, and I caught up on the books some time last year or the year before. So I'm going to ramble about a few things.

This season was enjoyable, but some things were most certainly painful for me to watch. Mainly the fact that most of this season ignored the books entirely. Now before someone chimes in with "Well the film adaption will always be different", I know that. But there's " different"  and "plodding through in whatever direction you please. Fuck the books." Plenty of characters did stay roughly on the same course. Arya, Cersei, Dany, and Stannis all stuck to relatively the same path. Meanwhile, Tyrion and Jorah dipped in and out about as much as Rob's marriage in season 2. Brienne, Jamie, and Sansa were so completely different that to some degree it was almost maddening.

Well, I'd get over it while I was watching the show. It's still fun, but when it was over, almost maddening.

To some degree, I can almost understand it. Brienne, Jaime, and Sansa didn't do a whole lot during that point in the books. Jaime was off negotiating with Blackfish, so eh. There's not a whole lot of visual action going on. But come on. This show loves it's sexposition, so why not give us some exposition instead for once? Jamie doesn't have to be sword fighting the Blackfish to show the situation and it's consequences. Of course, the loss of that isn't why I'm bothered by Jamie and Brienne's story change. It's the loss of Lady Stoneheart. AKA, resurrected Catlyn Stark. Or UnCat, as some people are fond of calling her.

That's not all. The change in story has also robbed us of Griff and Little Griff. This sounds like some relatively minor stuff when not taking into consideration that Griff was practically besties with Rhaegar, and his "son" Little Griff was truly Rhegar's son, Aegon. If something had to be cut or reshifted I think Dorne would have been a better thing to save for later. Or should I take this to mean that Aegon's involvement in the books will be very short lived?

Speaking of characters that aren't in the show, I'm still upset that Strong Belwas never made it. I mean, come on! It's Strong mother fucking Belwas! Well, okay he can't do any of that. Strong daddy stomping Belwas? I don't know. He's one of the most legitimately over the top and fun characters in the show. All he does is make ridiculous claims and then backs them up. The loss of Belwas in any version of this story is a loss to humanity.

As I mentioned in the previous journal, I do not understand how a bunch of rich lackwits who never had to kill in their lives are able to fight Unsullied on such easy ground. It's pretty frustrating. I think if you're going to bill an army as "nigh unstoppable" they should be "nigh unstoppable". I remember when I got to them in the books, the description of their great battle prowess was how, I think it was, a few hundred Unsullied were able to hold back, defeat, and scare off a few thousand Dothraki. They scared off Dothraki. I'm sure you guys remember them, right? Crazy horse bound barbarous rapists that killed each other for shits and giggles and would take people's stuff without the owners raising a hand to stop them.

These guys were so scary that even Westerosi soldiers and knights were scared of them, and they were on the other side of an ocean that the Dothraki were terrified to cross. When you have an army that are able to defeat and scare off Dothraki, a bunch of untrained rich assholes in golden masks should be slaughtered like crippled brain dead puppies. And let me remind you, the Unsullied in this story were vastly outnumbered.

And here's the thing, the Dothraki have never, at any point, ceased being nightmare fuel on hooves.

And now to the Jon thing. His story really didn't bother me that much so much as his death. If he's dead at all. Mind you, if he is he is. I lost any hope of this series being nice to anyone when Rob died. The Red Wedding had me sick for a day. The thing that really bothered me here was that I felt his death in the show in no way did justice to his death in the book. In the book Jon had done a lot of controversial things involving the wildlings. Between him and Stannis they were made either actual citizens of the Seven Kingdoms, or were made soldiers on the wall. Really not much difference there, but he was never killed for just that alone. The straw that broke the camel's back was when he decided to invade and recapture Winterfell from the Boltons. At that point he was willingly and openly moving to commit an act of treason against the Night's Watch, very much making him an oath breaker.

In that context, a bunch of people stabbing Jon and saying "for the watch" isn't an act of mutiny, nor is it an act he shouldn't have expected. The punishment breaking your vows was made abundantly clear in the first episode in the first season when Ned chopped some poor dude's head off for deserting. Jon also made it clear when he chopped Slynt's head off for telling him "no." Sure, they may let visits to the local brothel slide, but by the time you start "winning crowns and glory" You're thrown away your duty and abandoned your oath entirely.

Letting wildlings past the wall? That's not really a violation especially given the circumstances. Somehow getting the wildlings to side with you and protect the wall with you? Controversial, sure but damned right praiseworthy. You've just taken an enemy and made them into a much needed asset. Killing him for doing so? Outright traitorous. I could understand them disliking him for it, but under his leadership and initiative (for the times when he wasn't the official leader), he slaughtered a band of murderous traitors, drove back an army, and incorporated that army into his list of alleys. If they thought the Wildlings were a threat they should have stabbed him before he let through through and let Stannis burn them all. Instead they murdered their most valuable asset. The only thing they did "for the watch" was screw it over with little to no real justification.

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